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Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic

This is a pre-requisite class for the Wiccan initiatory training program which will be offered next year.  

Introduction To Tarot

Currently In Production.  This is intended to be available by January 2018. 


The Temple Of Underworld Studies will also be offering additional classes in the future in a variety of topics including beginning, intermediate and advanced astrology; beginning, intermediate, and advanced tarot, and other supplemental ritual magic and Wicca intensives.  

The launch date for the Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic is estimated to be in September, 2017.  I look forward to creating some really fantastic additional content for you so please check back, or join the Facebook page to be kept apprised of updates, opt ins, and class campaigns. Thanks so much for stopping by to see what we have to offer here. 


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Monique Lockhart

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