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"Visit The Interior Parts Of The Earth, By Rectification Thou Shalt Find The Hidden Stone"

Journal Entry:

December 24, 1992
Sun in Capricorn, 2 days after Winter Solstice
New Moon in Capricorn

Gradually I became aware of being captive in an underground cave. As I stood I saw iron bars in front of me and what could only be described as trolls who stood guard outside of my prison bars. I had a knowing that I was going to be made a sacrifice to a “Black King” who ruled this underground place.

Then everything shifted as happens in dreams, and I found myself not behind bars any longer but walking into an ancient underground stone temple. As I looked a bright blue cobalt mist hovered over the ground like a mystic fog.

There was something familiar about this place. I had been here before. In very ancient times. Something in the back of my mind told me that the Holy Grail was kept hidden here......somewhere......but I couldn't remember where exactly. And I knew that I had been here before as a priestess of this temple, in service to the “light”.

I turned to look to my left and I saw a stone fireplace. In the flames I saw the faces of demons. Laughing at me. Mocking me. I became very uncomfortable.

I turned to look behind me and the “Black King” had entered the room. He stared at me steadily and paralyzed me with his hypnotic power. I began to be very afraid as I stood in awe of this very powerful being. This was it then. He had come for his sacrifice. But then he suddenly said to me, “this place has been touched by the hand of God.” I didn't understand.

I was having a hard time resolving the paradox of good and evil being present at the same time. It was a temple of light and yet I stood in front of the underworld king who ruled it. I watched as he walked toward the flames I had just seen with the demonic faces within them. He stepped into the fire, and in horror I stared as he stood, completely engulfed in the flames, but strangely he never actually burned, and he remained completely unharmed.

The terror was starting to overwhelm me. I didn't understand anything that was happening. He stepped back out of the flames and he waved his hand and beckoned me to do as he had just done. But I was incapable. I began to struggle to wake up from what was now feeling like a very terrifying nightmare. Fire was one of my greatest fears after all. I began to wake up, and in the twilight phase between waking and sleeping, as I sat up in bed, in sweat soaked sheets, I could hear his voice in my head telling me.............. “It is not yet time for you to burn.”

Awake now, I sat in the darkness of my ranch apartment and spent several minutes attempting to regain the courage to get out of bed and turn on a light. Finally I did so, and being too afraid to go back to sleep, I made a cup of tea and sat by the heater to think about what had just happened....and why. And there I sat until the sun rose a couple of hours later.

Present Time
July 2017

It has taken many years to for me to understand and integrate the profound experience I had on that night.

My first attempt at understanding this dream, was to immerse myself in the study of grail lore and grail tradition. I had a driving need to know what was so familiar about that temple and why it was relevant to the mysteries of the Grail.

As the years went by I began to understand that mythically I had been attuned, not just to the Grail legends of Celtic and Arthurian mythology, but to what are known as the “Eleusinian Mysteries” as well.

The Rites of Eleusis were the focus of an ancient Greek mystery school which celebrated the descent of Persephone to the land of the underworld, her forced captivation and marriage to Hades, and her return to Demeter in the spring.

These rites were so profound and so secretive in ancient times that it was a well known custom, that to speak of them was to be put under penalty of death. For this reason the Rites of Eleusis were never written down and preserved.

With the exception of the works of very few ancient scholars, not much is really known about the actual rituals of initiation that went on at Eleusis. Modern reconstructionalists can only theorize and make attempts to recreate these rites in a way that may only approximate to a small degree the profundity of the original Rites of this renowned Mystery School. A rough framework for the rites can be theorized only.

It is known that a procession and purification ritual took place beginning at Athens before taking the walk to the neighboring town of Eleusis at the start of the rites. It is known that rites of Dionysus were held during this procession. It is speculated that a mind altering drink was probably prepared and imbibed by the initiated, called the “Kykeon”, a sacred barley drink made in honor of Demeter, and which may have contributed to a shamanic type of inner experience during the rites. It is believed that dances and celebrations happened along certain landmarks along the way to the temple of Eleusis, and finally it is speculated that something very profound happened within the inner sanctum of the Temple of Eleusis at the end of these rites which suggested to the initiates something about the great and secretive mysteries of the birth of a divine child (theorized to be Dionysus, the son of Persephone), and additionally the revelation of some sort of mystery revolving around a sacred and mysterious fire which was revealed to the participants by the Heirophant Priest of the Mysteries.

Aside from this outline of rough speculations, no details were ever spoken up by the actual participants of the mysteries about what they saw or experienced, because of the penalty of death that was imposed upon them.

As I familiarized myself with the historical facts of these ancient Mystery Rites it was not too much of a leap for me to see that my dream seemed to suggest something very similar. It became apparent to me that I was attuned to this mythology and that maybe these rites were part of an unconscious genetic memory going back to past lives. Whatever the actual facts of the matter, the information resonated with me very strongly, and I have participated in this mythology in various ways since that night in 1992.

Unconsciously I also realized I had participated in this myth even as child. How strange I thought that my favorite fruit that my mother ever bought at the grocery store were pomegranates, and how my favorite flower to pick in my grandmothers back yard were the daffodils that bloomed every year.

Robert Temple in his book, “Oracles Of The Dead” writes a fascinating account of the discovery of entrance to the underworld. For those of you interested you can read the details of this fascinating topic here at the following series of links to these blog posts. It is recommended to read them in the order presented here.

The Discovery Of The Entrance To The Underworld

The Sybil Of Cumae

Cerberus The Guardian Of The Underworld

The Temple of Underworld Studies is the result of many years of integrating and understanding my initial dream experience above, and incorporating the wisdom of this mythology in a practical way, into my daily life and my spiritual path.

This site is also dedicated in part to the Underworld Gods, Hades, Persephone, Demeter and Hecate.  I will be sharing information about the ancient rites relative to these deities from times to time.  Clicking on the "Nekeuomanteion" link on the menu above will take you to an updated list of blog posts links dedicated to topics about underworld mythology. 

It is my hope that what I have learned in my own journey of initiation, can be of service to you on your own quest.

Although at a personal level I specialize in topics relative to underworld mythology, I also offer a variety of things here on my site for your general occult education. I believe it is important for you be able to specialize in any direction that is calling you at a personal level. I will do everything I can, to help you find your own individual way.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look at what is offered here. I look forward to being of service of you.

Light In Extension
Monique Lockhart

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