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The Underworld Diaries: Winter Solstice / Keeping The Vigil

the underworld diaries Dec 22, 2017

I've been afraid of my gods. Not of what they would do to me. Not because of which gods they are. But because of what it means to openly represent them. I'm sitting here at 5:AM in the morning. It's dark outside. There is no hint yet, of the rebirth of the sun on the horizon.  The long winter solstice night is not quite over. I woke up about a half an hour ago, with restless thoughts going through my head, and a little bit of depression. So many fears running through my mind. What if I can't make it? What if it doesn't get better? What if everything I have invested in comes to naught? What will the new year bring? These are the thoughts the darkness keeps. This is why the light has to stay lit until the dawn. 

I sat up in bed, and saw that my jar candle in my altar was almost out. I had just a few seconds to grab a stick of incense and reach it into the bottom of the jar before the flame had extinguished itself and then lit what was left of another jar candle, from the...

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The Underworld Diaries: California Wildfires

the underworld diaries Oct 12, 2017

This has been an incredible week of stress.  Two night ago my phone rang at 2 AM in the morning.  It was my mother to tell me the Sheriff department had called and was issuing a mandatory evacuation from our property, due to a forest fire that was in progress, and headed our way, less then two miles to the North of us.  The power was out as well.  Funny, it never occurs to you that the power will be out when a wildfire is headed for your house.  That's not something I ever thought about before. 

So there I was in my pajamas scrambling around in the dark.  My first thought, pack the cat who was laying on the bed.  (Word of advice... when the cat saw the carrier come in the door off of the porch at 2 AM he high tailed it for the doggy door.  I caught him barely in time before he got outside.  Something to consider in the wee hours, in the dark, when you don't know where your flashlight is,  and your adrenaline is running about as...

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The Underworld Diaries: Hell of An Equinox

the underworld diaries Oct 05, 2017

I had grand intentions of ushering in the equinox, formally known as Mabon, with some marvelous idea that I would write yet another post on the meaning of this Wiccan holiday, because there is only about ten million books and other posts just like it out there.  Well that didn't happen.  It's probably just as well.   The Underworld Diaries is the part of my blog where I give myself permission to be a little more transparent about my personal process and my raw thoughts, philosophies, opinions and observations about daily life.  So let me tell you how Mabon was really celebrated this year here at the underworld temple. 

With the underworld Gods as my household deities, usually when Autumn Equinox comes around, I grieve the loss of summer very mildly, and get ready to huddle in for the winter, crochet on my blanket, do my bead work, and enter the cave thoughtfully, calmly and slowly. This year though.... there was no entering the cave slowly and...

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