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The Oracle At Thalamae

nekeuomanteion Jan 19, 2018

This oracle is dedicated to "Ino-Pasiphae" and was described as a "dream oracle" where people would come to sleep and receive prophetic dreams. It was located by a small stream and allegedly had three statues one of Helios the Sun God, one of Pasiphae and the third I know not what of.

The interesting thing here is the tracing of Persephone. Pasiphae as a name has been used interchangeably with Persephone to address this underworld Goddess. In Sicily for example, Persephone and Aphrodite were combined as one Goddess and known as "Aphrodite-Pasiphae" or "Dark Aphrodite". There she was worshipped as a marriage Goddess and protector of children.

Pasiphae was the daughter of Helios the Sun God and an Oceanid by the name of "Perse" whose name means "wide shining" Pasiphae lived in the Temple of the Sun at Colchis, until she was given to marriage to King Minos in Crete. Pasiphae has a niece by the name of Medea, the High Priestess of Hecate who features in the story of Jason and the...

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Cerberus, Guard Dog Of The Underworld

nekeuomanteion Jul 27, 2017

Photo Credit: (Roman Statue)

By User Nabokov; "Photo by Tom Oates" - Detail einer römischen Marmorstatue um 180 n. Chr., Archäologisches Museum Iraklio, Kreta, CC BY-SA 3.0,


In a previous post, I discussed the site of the Sybil of Cumae.   The sybil was the primary oracle Priestess of Cumae in Italy. There in her mysterious oracle chamber she sat flanked on her stone throne by her two ferocious dogs. Many of the local coins of the region depict a three headed dog , now known mythically as Cerberus, and scholars believe that Cerberus must have been a very important magical icon in the region during ancient times. So what is the significance of this ferocious three headed beast commonly known as “Fluffy” in Harry Potter, and how did he come to be?
It has been my experience that mythology is a very elaborate cipher system and more often then not its’ lore refers to ancient...

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The Sybil Of Cumae

nekeuomanteion Jul 27, 2017

Photo Credit: 

By Carole Raddato from FRANKFURT, Germany - Entrance to the Cave of the Sibyl, CumaeUploaded by Marcus Cyron, CC BY-SA 2.0,

In the ancient world, Oracular Priestesses were given different titles depending on the oracle temples they served, and the geographical location they served in. The most famous of these Oracles was the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi. The Delphic Priestesses were known as “Pythia” or “Pythoness” referring to the sacred serpent who was said to have lived in the cave nearby at the founding of the temple in the days before the Sun God Apollo overtook the Delphic Oracle, usurping it from the Python Goddess.

A priestess of Aphrodite was known as a “Melissa”, and their totem was the Bee. Their primary function had to do with fertility magic and also in the participation of sexual congress with men who came to the temple and paid for their services as a form of...

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The Discovery Of The Entrance To the Underworld

nekeuomanteion Jul 27, 2017

Photograph of Lake Avernus

Taken from the en wikipedia, en:Image:LaveAvernusCurran.jpg, uploaded by en:User:Ccson

Photograph © 1997 Leo C. Curran / Date: 1988 / # ac880629


In 1962 a notable discovery was made at Baia in Southern Italy by a budding rebel archeologist named Robert Paget. Robert Paget was an American Naval officer who retired in Baia Italy in 1958. He took up archeology as a hobby. Paget partnered up with another man by the name of Keith Jones, who took an equally obsessive interest in ancient antiquities, and together the two of them set out on a quest to search for an ancient wonder. They set out to search for the entrance of the underworld, thought by orthodox scholars simply not to exist. Like Troy however which was equally laughed out of orthodox circles at first , the entrance to the underworld was found in 1962. But it never made the press. It's discovery remained a very little known fact for several years afterwards.

According to Homer's...

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