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The Oracle At Thalamae

nekeuomanteion Jan 19, 2018

This oracle is dedicated to "Ino-Pasiphae" and was described as a "dream oracle" where people would come to sleep and receive prophetic dreams. It was located by a small stream and allegedly had three statues one of Helios the Sun God, one of Pasiphae and the third I know not what of.

The interesting thing here is the tracing of Persephone. Pasiphae as a name has been used interchangeably with Persephone to address this underworld Goddess. In Sicily for example, Persephone and Aphrodite were combined as one Goddess and known as "Aphrodite-Pasiphae" or "Dark Aphrodite". There she was worshipped as a marriage Goddess and protector of children.

Pasiphae was the daughter of Helios the Sun God and an Oceanid by the name of "Perse" whose name means "wide shining" Pasiphae lived in the Temple of the Sun at Colchis, until she was given to marriage to King Minos in Crete. Pasiphae has a niece by the name of Medea, the High Priestess of Hecate who features in the story of Jason and the Argonauts who go in search of the Golden Fleece. (This is another interesting connection since often Hecate and Persephone have been considered interchangeable as the same Goddess). At this point in her journey with King Minos she becomes almost identical with Europa. Pasiphae while married to Minos is secretly mated to a white bull and fathers the Minotaur "Asterion" who is an underworld deity at the center of the labyrinth. In the myth of Europa, Zeus turns into a bull, and rapes and kidnaps Europa, just as in one myth of Persephone, Zeus turns into a snake and rapes Persephone himself. Zeus and Hades were originally the same Chthonic deity in pre Greek times.

By virtue of these connections it would appear that Persephone traces back to Pasiphae very impressively as being quite possibly the older version of herself prior to Olympian Greece. As Pasiphae she is definitely a lunar oracle Goddess, specific to dream oracles. It would be completely appropriate I think to invoke Ino-Pasiphae and probably Helios as well, if you are intentionally doing dream work.


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