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The Dreaded Witch Wars: 5 Things to consider.

wicca Jul 04, 2017

Photo Credit (Witches cursing bottles)  

By Malcolm Lidbury (aka Pinkpasty) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

If you've been around the block a few times then sadly, you know about the "witch wars".  Just recently I stopped by the Witchvox web site, only to discover, to my amazement, that the conversation thread they had started running TEN freaking years ago, about "witch wars" is still going strong.   I think we should spend our time on things that are so much more productive then this, which is why this will be the ONLY blog post I ever bring this up.   I once heard another priestess say to her students that "you are not a real witch until you've been blooded in a witch war".  I thought to myself, for my part, you are not a real witch until you can stay the hell out of one.  So here are five excellent items for  your consideration about this pet peeve of a topic of mine.  Ready?  Here we go.

1:  Witch Wars are stupid. That is just self explanatory.  

2:  Witch Wars, in my observation, are what happens when the knowledge base of a Wiccan or pagan educational platform falls flat, and doesn't provide a sustainable option for advancement, in any way that actually matters.  In other words when witches get bored, because they are not learning anything productive, they start to pretend to be things that they are not. This is how one compensates for being uneducated in basic occult wisdom. Suddenly these individuals become low budget movie versions of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, casting curses and stuffing voodoo dolls into toilets, or in cat litter boxes.  They pretending to control the weather, while waging war on the astral planes against that bitch witch who must have cursed them last week.  Witch "A" said It must have been a curse because of all of the negative energy around her, and that is why she got into a car accident.  She was under psychic attack you see.  It must have been the fault of the other bitch witch "B" who lives miles away, that witch "A" hasn't even seen in three years.  Obviously it was a curse.  Obviously that bitch witch "B" needs her proverbial bootay kicked! (More cursing and vengeful casting to get even ensues)..... Mind you it had nothing to do with the fact that, first of all, the car accident happened because it was the middle of winter, in a snow storm, and witch "A" was driving down an icy road.............wait for it.............. WITHOUT chains, around hair pin curves, going down the mountain in February.   This car accident clearly had nothing to do with any lack of common sense because really, why would anyone slide off of a curvy mountain road on the ice without having the good sense to put chains on their car?   Cause driving off a mountain side in a snow storm has never happened before. This is what boredom does to an amateur witch.  I implore you, avoid boredom at all cost and hit the books.  Any book.  I don't care what book. Reading about how to toilet train your cat would be more constructive use of your time.  Go ahead, laugh... this is a true story.  

3:   Witch Wars are all about ego.  Look at me and how powerful I am. Look at how psychic I am.  Look at how intimidating I am. Don't cross me or I'll kick your magical ass with my powerful spell casting skills.  Really? Don't be THAT guy.  Just don't.  To do justice to any spiritual tradition, humility is a big factor in gaining respect if you actually wish to create a following for yourself.  Most people in this day and age respect mentors who actually know the difference between reality and delusion for starters. Say what you want about beginners who may not know anything, but you'd be surprised how after a couple of months many beginners start to see through this kind of crap too, and they eventually leave and go elsewhere.  Keep it up long enough and eventually you have to face the fact that after a while... no one actually cares about your ego anymore and your followers have moved on.   We are entering an era of self help, personal mindfulness, authentic living, and the law of attraction, which is beckoning us to raise our vibrations to achieve better health and harmony.  Wicca needs to catch up a little bit and get up to date on these ideas.   With knowledge comes humility, which is usually the result of a few really hard knocks in life to set you down a few notches and give you a chance to check your shit at the door. 

4:   Witch wars tend to evolve I've noticed. I perused the ten year long running conversation thread on witchvox and I was struck by the fact that the last time I saw these posts, they used to be about vampire slaying activities.  Apparently the current trend of witch warring  has evolved into "who is practicing the one true way wars".  The Gardnerians vs the Ravenwolf-ians vs the Slitheran-ians v.s the who the hell ever-ians.  So things have sort of basically become an "us and them" dogma fest. Wait.... aren't we witches tired of Christians doing this to everyone else? Just checking.......cause you know......anyway... Just mind your own business.  It doesn't matter what "they" are doing.  It matters what "YOU" are doing.  And your purpose as an initiate on any spiritual path, Christian or Pagan is to make the world a better place, not a more frustrating place to be.  

5:  Witch wars don't belong in your coven.  Or any coven.  Or any classroom.  Or any women's or pagan group.   They certainly don't belong in the middle of your snow storm car debacle which could have been avoided if maybe you'd put chains on your car or even stayed home from work that day.   Don't even tolerate that shit.  Fair warning,  anyone bringing a witch war into my working group, or my classroom, or my Facebook group gets the BOOT out of the door.  It has no place in an authentic working group or a personal practice.  So do us all a favor, by doing your part, and eliminate the concept of the witch wars from your entire Wiccan experience, and your vocabulary.  In fact, I challenge you to not even talk about it after you read this blog.  Cause the first rule of putting an END to the witch wars, is to quit talking about this crap in the first place.  We can do better.  So lets actually do better.  It's time to vibe it on up a little.   :)  

Blessed Be. 



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