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Tarot Reports Available On Etsy

This web site, and its store, is not designed to facilitate the sale of retail products, or individual custom reports such as these offered here. It is only designed for the facilitation of online class membership.  

It is therefore necessary, to continue offering my astrology/horoscope readings, and my tarot readings, or other retail products, at my sister site on Etsy. 

I offer a number of different reports, so please feel free to browse through the listings until you find something that piques your interest.  


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Looking For Love?

This tarot reading examines your unconscious patterns that sabatoge your relationships and offers solutions to reconnect with yourself first through radical self love and healing. 

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To Illuminate A Situation

This is a great reading for trying to get to the root of a situation.  This reading will examine parts of a situation and give you insights into things that you need to become aware of in order to navigate your difficulty

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Spiritual Guidance Tarot Report

Are you feeling just a little lost?  Let the universal wisdom of the tarot help you on your path.  This is a great reading to gain a new perspective, and find your pathway again. 

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